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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stfupls, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Is there any Plugin that deals certain blocks damage with TNT?

    There are Plugins to destroy Obsidian but is there any plugin to control any block also Fences etc since they are unraidable in Faction Bases.
  2. so you want a plugin that controls what blocks TNT can damage?
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    Yes. So Obsidian breaks in 3-4 TNT thats a Plugin but ONLY for TNT.
    I want a Plugin that deals with Obsidian and chosen items such as fences etc.

    Please help quickly!
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    I use ObsidianDestroyer on my server.

    Just edit the config file to how much TNT can destroy blocks such as Obsidian, Ender Chests, ect...

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    Isnt obsidiandestroyer only for obsidian? Or can you config what you want?

    Also thanks so fucking much ur a legend!
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    That is just the name - it works for lots of blocks. It even works for bedrock if you set it to true in the config file.
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    Thanks a lot you saved one of the most problems in my server!
  8. ObsidianDestroyer can do obsidian, anvils, enderchests and enchanting tables. We only handle explosions for those blocks because we don't have to override anything in craftbukkit. I think @squidic was working on something that did though :)

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