The Bukkit Team will TRY and update hMod

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 14, 2011.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Although people have already been under the impression that we pledged to keep hMod up to date, this isn't the case. Prior to this announcement, we had not stated anywhere that we would be maintaining hMod and anyone believing otherwise was mistaken. However, we do recognise the predicament we've put server admins in as hey0 has announced that hMod is essentially no more, and Bukkit is not ready for public consumption yet.

    As such, some of us - if not the entire team - will be trying to update hMod so that you guys aren't left in the dark without a server mod to use. We never intended to shut everyone out with our early announcement - we were just looking to drum up support from plugin authors so that we had things ready. We can honestly say that we did not anticipate the project blowing up with this much activity and interest this quickly, like it did.

    Once again:
    We will try and update hMod (at least this time), but we offer ABSOLUTELY NO promises that we'll be able to do it as a lot has changed and we are no longer as familiar with the project as we once were.

    We've tried fixing hMod but had little to no luck. It's way too messy to work on and too much has changed in the last few Minecraft updates.

    Sorry guys, but we tried :(. We kept running into issues and have been at it all day. It's time we call it quits and focus on Bukkit instead.
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    The Bukkit team probably won't do that because anything they release will be full of holes, subject to massive changes, and buggy as hell. Just use a developer preview, it seems to work fine, and there are some basic plugins for it ATM. Or save your map, back it up offsite, and start a new map with a vanilla server until things have settled a bit. Or take a Minecraft sabbatical. Civ4 and SC4k are fun, older games. ;)
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    You can run a development build if you want.
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    30$ a month? I pay 65$. Other's pay 100+ easy. We must remember that it's about accuracy rather than speed now. Of course any form of release that allows plugin's to run would be lovely, but if my server has to remain vanilla for 3 weeks as to obtain a completed version, bug tested and ready to handle Notch's updates, than so be it.

    The team opened the door to a reliable mod, and the community went wild with interest. Nothing was wrong about that. You cant predict how the mass will react, you can only guess. As an outsider looking in, the Bukkit team looks like they have things under control. Very collected, and moving at a steady pace. Keep it up, we're all patiently waiting (be it a day, a week, a month, a year <--- hopefully not a year though).
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    Haha, $30/month. I pay more than that and this is just ONE of the features of my site that I fund on my own money I get from working two jobs. I'm a senior in high school, and I'm only 17.

    Money and performance are about what you're willing to put in.

    Running hmod 133 with client 1.1 here asking users to downgrade and having 0 problems.
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    What are the major problems with the dev builds? Are they massively unstable or something? Or are they really a viable option that would enable all/most of the plugins currently on the releases forum of this site?

    Also, in the way of timing, if these builds are functional enough to run at least the basics, is it safe to assume it couldn't be more than a week or two to get the kinks worked out?
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    Yeah they are pretty picky but I'm figuring out how to do things without their permission ;)

    As for you, they won't lose their followers because they are the only ones doing the mods lol. Talk all the crap you want but if it takes them 2 years to get Bukkit up and going, you will be sitting right there waiting like a vulture on the side of the road.
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    Maybe my server suks but I do pay for hosting and it's a whole 15 bucks a month for 20 players lol. Yeah I know I"m small time, but I run it bigtime lol
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    This is pretty much exactly the situation I envisioned when this whole thing erupted. The amount of effort you have put in to this entire thing is GREATLY appreciated and we all appreciate this thread letting us know whats going on just as much.
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    anyway I could get those files? accidentally replaced server.jar with updated one...guess what, it don't work.heh
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    Where do you get your server from?
  11. Ya $15 for 20 player server is pretty cheap
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    I'm not in any way trying to get people to use them or trolling but asked a question I will answer, I use xenonservers. They have pretty good support as well. I know they have put up with a noob like me and helped me understand quite a bit.
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    Thankyou for trying, your effort is appreciated. Good luck with Bukkit, looking forward to getting that running :)
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    Thanks for trying. And Hey0 that comment about this thread... PM directly to EvilSeph would have sufficed.
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    123systems got 12$ for 2gb burst, i got 13players online without lag, havent had more ppl on ._.
  16. I'm glad that the Bukkit team communicated with the community. They are doing a great job. :) I'm not that sad about hMod not being updated. I rather wait a few more weeks for Bukkit.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

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    The update you speak of was anticipated weeks before release, and furthermore what did they expect? Notch has gone update happy these last few months. Also to my understanding, the fall of Hey0 was a direct result of the bukkit team - correct me if I am wrong but I believe most of bukkit was formed by ex-hey0 members. This is what the posts on that forum have stated.

    Furthermore, this community is made by enthusiasts of Minecraft, and if those enthusiasts expect to be paid, they should at least show us a product. When Bukkit is fully released, should it truly be the best option at that time, it will gain what I hope to be decent donations as so many other past wrappers have. Hey0 mentioned something about averaging 4 grand on a working update, perhaps someone can verify this? Doesn't sound too bad for something people do on the side. Either way, I will be one of these people to donate to Bukkit if I am a user when this happens.

    So don't get me wrong, I understand the Bukkit team is working hard, but I wonder how un-fixable hmod is when someone else working alone has already released a buggy, but functional version. I want to jump on and say I'm overjoyed over all of this - but I am a skeptic in this situation as so many others are.

    I wait on baited breath to see if this team can prove itself to the community. I think I speak for everyone on that note... and we can say "well what is this community worth?" but the fact is without the community there isn't really a wrapper on this scale. So cheers to some bright futures, but I wont raise my glass to anything else - the bold claims of superiority over hmod need to be proven.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    I'll cross-post this here:
    You do bring up some valid points, and I'm confident we'll be able to deliver on your expectations.
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    How did this posting turn into this?
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    Will bukkit have the same commands as hmod?
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    Not really, as minecraft itself will support modding within the year. ;)
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    so hclewk was able to produce an Hey0 update (albeit somewhat buggy but workable) and the team here couldn't do anything? At least I got something workable here as opposed to promises of epic goodness to come.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    I'm confused. You wanted us to release a completely buggy hMod fix? That's about as useful as vanilla - you'd get more mileage out of using our nightlies.

    We don't release half-assed things. 36 bugs in a release is simply unacceptable. If we had known you wanted a barely runnable version of hMod, we'd have released what we had. But we wanted to actually fix it to work completely with the update - or as close to it as we could manage without completely rewriting things. If you expect us to do that, then what's the point of Bukkit?
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  25. I also fund from pocket and am a senior in highschool. The difference between you and I is that I am accepted into University and have to start saving every penny I have to pay for it. I will not work two jobs just to pay for a server because that is a waste of life. Its hard enough working one job 4 days a week and having to worry about diplomas and Math AP.

    Also, as I am playing sports like Basketball, Lacrosse, and Track and Field, I already have very little time to get another job. So when I say $30 a month, that is alot considering I have maybe $50 extra after I pay for insurance on my car and put it all away.

    My server is paid for by myself, but donations are welcome. However, nobody ever donates because the server is down due to hMod or Bukkit always being unavailable for the current minecraft version at least 75% of the time.
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    You have killed minecraft multiplayer by not updating hMod and you should really update it. these are the knock-on effect
    1. Multiplayer will be dead until hMod update or Bukkit is released
    2. If hMod is not updated Bukkit will be released earlier and be rushed meaning more bugs etc.

    Not updating hMod until Bukkit is released is ludicrous.
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    Thanks for you and your teams efforts EvilSeph. If it means anything, I appreciate the fact you won't release buggy code. I patiently await the awesomeness that Bukkit will become.
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    Matty one thing for sure, people like you is what possibly made Hey0 actually quit.... people like you is what needs to take a chillpill and actually wait, the Bukkit team have said it is almost impossible to not being capable to update the Hmod, WAIT for them to make bukkit or just leave minecraft
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    I say let them quit, then maybe EVil and the rest of the Bukkit team can work knowing that all the whiners have left the game and won't bother them anymore ;)
  30. I don't totally agree with chill1977. I may not entirely like the fact that Hey0's stopped updating hMod, but I think that bucket will be an even better source for server owners. I think of this as new leaf.

    Thanks for trying with hMod but it just probably was not meant to be. :)
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    Wow, just wow. The notion that "followers will be lost" is just hilarious to me. Lost to what???? XD

    Also, anyone know whats going on with hey0forums? i went on once yesterday and got the message about him closing them and that we are all really dumb... so i assumed hey0forums was done/closed, but now they seem to be back up..
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