The Bukkit Team will TRY and update hMod

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 14, 2011.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Although people have already been under the impression that we pledged to keep hMod up to date, this isn't the case. Prior to this announcement, we had not stated anywhere that we would be maintaining hMod and anyone believing otherwise was mistaken. However, we do recognise the predicament we've put server admins in as hey0 has announced that hMod is essentially no more, and Bukkit is not ready for public consumption yet.

    As such, some of us - if not the entire team - will be trying to update hMod so that you guys aren't left in the dark without a server mod to use. We never intended to shut everyone out with our early announcement - we were just looking to drum up support from plugin authors so that we had things ready. We can honestly say that we did not anticipate the project blowing up with this much activity and interest this quickly, like it did.

    Once again:
    We will try and update hMod (at least this time), but we offer ABSOLUTELY NO promises that we'll be able to do it as a lot has changed and we are no longer as familiar with the project as we once were.

    We've tried fixing hMod but had little to no luck. It's way too messy to work on and too much has changed in the last few Minecraft updates.

    Sorry guys, but we tried :(. We kept running into issues and have been at it all day. It's time we call it quits and focus on Bukkit instead.
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    Hmm been looking around, for fixes to my server issue am I to understand neither hMod or Bukkit/CraftBukkit are working on beta 1.2? (YET)
  3. Heh, you need to look around better. :p Read this very thread you posted on.
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    =\ I have
    after patching last night nothing works and I'm losing sleep LOL.
    still not getting it. nothings working and I have to wait right?

    also I tried downgrading and that didn't work eithr I think I was missing the 1.1 server.jar where can I get that?
  5. I thought by "working on " you meant "busy coding" - my mistake. Either way, yes, you have to wait.
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    crap ='( what about downgrading ?
    any ideas where I can find the old 1.1 minecraft_server.jar????
  7. Bukkit is wayyy better than that server mod YOU are coding. (of course, you are just trolling for giggles, right?)

    P.S. I have never heard of "hay0", is it something for horses?
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    Im just running a vanilla server with a blank map, still trying to find these damn water mobs. Found a recond amount of clay then got gang-eaten by zombies because I left my hut door open :(
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    Ungrateful kids these days with their sense of entitlement. I totally agree with you. Dear kids of the future: You do not deserve anything, and only should get what you earn.
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    I dunno... i think the kids of the future are entitled to some things... like a breathable atmosphere... plants... sustainable life on this planet...

    Which is why i'm not planning on having any!

    Seriously though, thank you for volunteering to pick up the slack TeamBukkit! Although, it will probably do nothing but generate even more idiotic support requests...
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    My server is running vanilla right now. Even if HMod was working, I refuse to run it. I am very happy with what the team is doing. My server was running 200% better than Hmod ever did on the snapshots and what few plugins that have been made or ported for Bukkit.

    I also know that putting time and resources into a dead project is fruitless. In my opinion the team needs to stay the course. The server owners like me can manage till a snapshot is done. All I did was save my world and put up a new world for the masses to beat up and explore till we have our grief protections back.

    Please keep your focus on Bukkit till it is running. If you really feel the need to please the masses, get a quick fix snapshot of Bukkit released for us to mess with.
    --- merged: Jan 14, 2011 12:59 PM ---
    Oh, and for those complaining to hey0 and the rest, get over it. It is not their fault either. The fault for down time is simply the fact that Notch refuses to stop force feeding us updates. He could simply put out a download for each patch and then the server owners and players could update their version of Minecraft when they needed. Also keep in mind this is still Beta and we are playing a game that is not ready for release yet! There will be problems as the plugins and such try to keep up with what Notch does.

    Just place your server into vanilla, save the world, and then create a new world map. Go get some coffee and have some fun with vanilla till we get Bukkit back.
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    It really depends on the work involved. It took a week or 2 to handle the last hmod update.

    If that is the time frame, the it is probably better to concentrate on Bukkit. In 1-2 weeks, Bukkit should be much more complete and the time spent on hmod would be wasted.

    OTOH, it hmod can be updated in a day and Bukkit will take more than a week, then it might be worth going for hmod.

    Ofc, the ideal is that server admins stick with the old version of the server until Bukkit is ready.
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    Actually.. I'm glad they're updating hMod. They need to buy more time and less stress to update Bukkit. This should satisfy most server admins and give them enough time to finish it and tighten any loose ends.

    The initial build is the most crucial. You don't want any spaghetti code that becomes a duct tape hack job for every update thereafter.

    All in all, it's not going to be perfect :p
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    Thank you, our server relies heavenly on hmods in built commands craftbook and stargates.

    To those saying to let hmod die we don't need it etc please tell me how we get stargates and craftbook on bukkit ? The answer is you can't o already checked bukkit is not ready yet
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    Btw, I think this was the post that started it.

    It may have referred to a potential update that would have occurred days after the Bukkit announcement.
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    Have you tried any of the Bukkit Plugs yet?

    Our server has been doing fine with them... until we got the update anyway. Try WarpGate! It is a awesome plug....

    I really don't understand all the hoopla over this myself. We knew a patch was coming. We knew clients would be updated automatically, and we knew the HMod and CraftBukkit Snapshot would break.

    Server Owners should have made plans for this! It's not like we didn't know this would happen....
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    Great news :)

    @McSpuds: many, many, many plugins do not work yet for Bukkit, and that is fine. But please do not assume your situation applies to other servers. There are an incredibly amount of useful hMod plugins.
  18. Even an unstable bukkit seems to be more logical then a quick & dirty patch hMod.
    Either way, the next update will most likely break hMod again.

    I have instructed my users to keep back-ups, as this will be a reoccurring problem until Notch gets the nightly builds up.

    Keep up the good work!
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    I welcome the help the Bukkit team provides to hMod while Bukkit isn't done.
    As soon as Bukkit has been released as stable, I'm quite sure most if not all will move away from hMod.
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    i will look up warpgate, if it uses the same setup as stargates then its a viable solution, if not then it could still be a solution depending on whats involved and for that information i thank you
    we originly went from venilla to hmod purely for craftbook so much of what we have created relies on this and with out that minecraft seems to have lost a lot of features

    problems so far,
    the castles can not be accessed as the gates wont open. (yeah we can smash our way in and have had to)
    arrow traps have stoped working (minor minor issue)
    none of the secret switches work causing wide spread problems in advanced mechinisms (i cant even get into a secure area i created with out smashing lots of stuff that took ages to get right)
    the stargates mean parts of the server map are a very long walk away (in fact a vault i hid in a mountain that im not even sure of its location accessable only by stargate is lost to me and houses my entire diamond and iron collection (yes im a server admin and can spawn the stuff but i try not to do that as it makes my creations unfair compared to others))
    we had just started a transit system that relies heaverly on craftbooks minecart system (have been advised that minecart mania will be ported and others similier of not as good features)
    and thats just of the top of my head

    as for making plans...look at my prevouse posts, i came to bukkit to try and get it working to replace hmod, 3 or 4 days ago when i foresaw this problem but concluded it just isnt ready for main use and i was reletively sure bukkit would keep to the promise to keep hmod going till bukkit is ready

    no need to quote the thread as its already been quoted

    that all said you show me how to make craftbook work fully on bukkit and i will gladly be an early adopter
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    I think you should skip hmod, and put all your effort into release Bukkit server. Just like Freezy said before me, next patch and hmod will be broken again.

    But, keep up the awesome work, when Bukkit is released i bet it will be better than hmod ever was.
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    Make sure you keep the stargate files. Presumably, the locations are stored?
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    dear god your a genuis, why the hell hadnt that occured to me! (i read that before posting and it sounded sarcastic which is not how i mean it, i really didnt think of that)

    ok so long as warpgate file can be edited then the stargate thing is a mute point

    the cords are stored like this Spawnatopia:-90,65,-104:-90,65,-101:0:-1:90.0:-89,67,-104
    i was expecting when i opened it a simple x y z lol

    still need craft book though but one hurdle down
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    Personally, I think updating hmod would be pointless. As previously posted it would just waste time. Guys if you can't take a week off from running a server (I know some have large communities) then you have gotten too attached to using mods. When's the last time you played single player? It's about surviving and building :p so take this time to set up a vanilla server, save your old map, and spend some time actually being creative with it. Let the teams do their work.

    Teams, you are doing great! I hope when you release it, it will be a stable build. So take your time and do it right. Goodluck :)
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    Nate Smith

    Thanks guys, just signed up because of this. Will you guys post the new hmod on the hey0 forums or on here?
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    That looks like mostly coords:


    These are probably

    Position of the base of the gate

    Position of the button

    (It is offset by 1 in the x direction and up 2 in the Y direction)

    I assume the other numbers are things like the direction the gate is facing and or cost info or something.

    Anyway, teleporting to -90, 66, 102 should get you to your room.
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    cool thankyou

    i just got bukkit to work on my pc (im not the main server admin on our server so i will need to teach him how to do it) connected with mc 1.2.01 so i will try warp gate out
  28. (FYI - IMO) I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about with Hmod. Isn't it your responsibility as the server admins to make sure your server is safe from Grievers? I'm sure if your community is "Trusted" you can go CraftBukkit and add mods as they come along. The longer the wonderful team here keep updating, the longer it will take for bukkit to come out and for the old Hmod modders to... Um... Kick the bucket(I know.. Sorry).. on hmod itself. I just vanilla'd my server and my highly trusted IG community members understand what spirit is. No mods. Just fun (on Sunday we are all getting on to make a cake together for some fun xD). You shouldn't have to offer so much to keep members and if they DO care... They will understand that BETA means THINGS CHANGE... Constantly lol. If people don't want to risk having things destroyed/stolen I can understand them resting from the server until it's updated. If they don't come back, IMO, their loss.. So I'll happily just wait for Bukkit and hope that it comes sooner rather than later ;)

    Again.. FYI-IMO.. + Love the work Bukkit team and can't wait for a stable "Test" release on 1.2! Keep up the good work.
  29. Couldn't agree more, I don't need a temp fix with hMod updated. I'd rather wait a few more days for Bukkit.
    I respect this decision though, keep up the good work Bukkit team!
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    It's awesome that Bukkit's willing to do this; it's just a shame that no matter how many people become aware that their mods and plugins will break with every new update from Notch, there's always new and/or ignorant server admins that freak out every time this happens. I sympathize, but we are essentially Beta testers. I just hope release doesn't happen without some API method to reduce the impact of each patch. If that isn't the case, then I'll be grumpy and grouchy. X)

    Sure, it bugs the living Nether outta me every time too, but that's why the whole easier method of updating mods/plugins that Bukkit is promising has me interested. Can't wait! X)
  31. Server owners should be prepared for these things.. and all the worry about griefing. It's part of the game - SMP = survival, multiplayer. Running vanilla on mine and having a blast doing it.. and not even worrying about saving the map, because we run close to vanilla anyway. Admins save yourself all the hassle of all the pansy mods and consider the basic important things.. bedrock gap insurance is handy, I like to have a remote administration tool as well, CraftIRC has been my choice, some things that add to in-game functionality like CraftBook are great, and I particular enjoy adding to the 'game' of it with NPC's and things like MonsterHunt. Sorry just a piece of advice is.. forget all your anti-griefing measures it's such a hassle.. we did away with it when MC went Beta.. we lost a bunch of whining crybaby players... what's left is a great group of players who understand that if they build something extravagant near spawn, it will get blown up. Let hMod die.. take your time with Bukkit.. don't cater to server admins.. and server admins get with the program, because this will continue to happen over and over until the official Minecraft API.
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