The Bukkit Team will TRY and update hMod

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 14, 2011.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Although people have already been under the impression that we pledged to keep hMod up to date, this isn't the case. Prior to this announcement, we had not stated anywhere that we would be maintaining hMod and anyone believing otherwise was mistaken. However, we do recognise the predicament we've put server admins in as hey0 has announced that hMod is essentially no more, and Bukkit is not ready for public consumption yet.

    As such, some of us - if not the entire team - will be trying to update hMod so that you guys aren't left in the dark without a server mod to use. We never intended to shut everyone out with our early announcement - we were just looking to drum up support from plugin authors so that we had things ready. We can honestly say that we did not anticipate the project blowing up with this much activity and interest this quickly, like it did.

    Once again:
    We will try and update hMod (at least this time), but we offer ABSOLUTELY NO promises that we'll be able to do it as a lot has changed and we are no longer as familiar with the project as we once were.

    We've tried fixing hMod but had little to no luck. It's way too messy to work on and too much has changed in the last few Minecraft updates.

    Sorry guys, but we tried :(. We kept running into issues and have been at it all day. It's time we call it quits and focus on Bukkit instead.
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    awesome news! I hope you will succeed :S
    Not having hMod OR bukkit sure renders a server pretty much un-usable (due to intense griefing)
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    Any how. Keep up the good work.
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    best news.
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    I swear I saw this a week ago when I was told we had a patch on the way this weekend. I was like....... hmm, No Hmod...and still no Bukkit~ Great.

    Today I set my dedicated server up to run both the the old 1.1_02 files on one port (25555) and 1.2 on another (25565). I'm providing my members with the old client files to downgrade their game. It's not worth it. Some black sheep, a squid, and some working paintings? I'll take my Anti-Grief, iConomy, StarGates, Auto World Saves, Auto Restart, etc ANY DAY!

    This was a huge flop just waiting to happen. I say keep working on Bukkit and get it out ASAP! We'll take care of our community, just help take care of us!
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    Please update CraftBukkit for 1.2 first please.
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    Keep up the good work guys!
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    This goes without saying or asking.
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    Screw hMod yes it be nice to see hMod 1.2... But I rather not lose say a day or 2 hours of bukkit work put on hMod.. Just going have more issues anyways then everyone will fix bugs and other issues and fuck it will never end. hMod is dead people just need to wait.
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    This is great news, thank you SO much =)
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    Just registered to say a heartfelt thankyou for this, it isn't your responsibilty and it is appreciated that you are willing to try. Have a packet of cookies :)
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    Thanks a lot! I have a stopped server with hmod and we really need the update, but.. it means that we have to wait long time for bukkit yet?, that's why you are going to help to update hmod?
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    I have to agree with Kane to a certain extenet. If you guys get craftbook updated to 1.2 first then why even bother with hMod? Just let it die, it may be slow at first but it will get better and some mods are better than none I say. I personally and taking this time to go ahead and switch over. Thanks for all the hard work guys and gals.
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    Because a LOT of plugins that are absolutely needed to run a decent server (such as CuboidPlugin, WorldGuard, etc) are not yet ported to Bukkit.
    I believe another release of hMod is needed, and the guys shouldn't rush a buggy release of CraftBukkit.
    I say they should take their times until they can deliver a mature stable CraftBukkit version, and until more critical plugins are ported.
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    Because Bukkit is not ready yet.
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    I guess "critical" is a matter of opinion but I do understand what you mean. The thing is valuable coding time is being wasted in my opinion. Again, IN MY OPINION.
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    Well, call me old-fashioned but i think anti-griefing should be the first priority :)
    And it is for a lot of server owners.
    Also.. let's admit. Beta 1.2 is a FAIL. It suffers from performance decrease and it has several other bugs. Anyway, i'd rather have hMod now and CraftBukkit later, when it works rather than rush a CraftBukkit build that is buggy and unstable.
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    I'd rather have Bukkit ready later. hMod is pointless to update.

    Edit: ...This is where you went wrong in hey0's hMod thread:
    Donating some..
    Now I don't feel as guilty preying on free mod software without any contribution :]
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    I love mod develop team.
    thank you for try.
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    Just toss up an over night poll for the community. I already say +1 to Craftbukkit. I've been hearing "Just a few more days" for this new server mod and it's driving me crazy. I'd like a hard launch date in advance, and a fill bucket ready to go around the same time. Lets get this bus a rollin'! Put more money into your broken car, or simply save it up and buy that European car!
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    Update it if you want but i'm not using it My server will run fine as vanilla until such time that bukkit is ready.
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    Probably the best analogy you could use, lol.
  25. This is one of the best posts I've seen. Good luck!!!
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    We know you all can. Willing WAS the issue. :-]
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    Thank you for updating HMod, I would much rather have a quick fix now and a good mod later, than no server now and a mod a few days sooner.
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    Me, hey0, and meaglin have been working on hMod.
  29. I am glad you guys are on it, but seriously, don't feel you HAVE defer too much of your valuable resources to maintaining hey0. I am a sysadmin for the community's server, and while our normal world is offline for the moment (due to lack of anti-griefing measures), the guys are having a good time trying out stuff in a temporary vanilla server we set up for them.

    Either way, we do appreciate what your guys are doing, or trying to do. :)

    On a side note, I hope the Bukkit community stays decent. Over at hey0, I see a lot of people whinging at him and one person even childishly threatened to ddos attack them. It's shit living in a world where people who are giving freely are getting trampled by knuckle-dragging neanderthals who feel they are entitled to receive everything freely at any time they demand to, without contributing anything back. To be honest, hey0 seems a little embittered, and I don't blame him.

    EDIT: Yes, I know technically neanderthals were walking upright, but y'know...
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