Scary Plugins for halloween...?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rcbaseball13, Oct 28, 2012.

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    So... like everyone else Im looking to do something cool for halloween for our server. I set up a haunted house and while it is hard to make minecraft "scary" I think with the right plugins you could do some cool tricks :p

    I have special effects with blindness which works really good. I was wondering if there were any other plugins though that I could use with a haunted house. I couldn't keep up with plugins these past few months due to other things going on in my life right now so it would really help if anyone knows of any plugins :D They can be obscure if you want, just anything that you think might fit in!
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    HalloweenScares? its REALLY good!
  3. I guess it's kinda late for halloween now. You had specialeffects you said. Just a thank you for that. you could scare your players with /se player.balrog or mines i guess haven't thought of the scary part for the plugin yet. Sheers :D //CevinWa

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