Same permissions across multiple servers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gladius_Crafter, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Hey guys. I have 3 hunger game servers on the same vps machine.
    I need something so that when a player gets ranked in 1 server, they get ranked in all of the other servers.
    So say someone purchases Premium rank, buycraft ranks them on the main server, then another pugin copies the users.yml file to the 2 other servers.
    Please please please help me make this happen, I need it fast.
  2. I need this too.
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    You can use symbolic links if the permissions plugin will work with them.
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    While what Onionbro said about symbolic links would work there is another option, you could use a plugin such as PermissionsEx which allows you to use a mysql database for permissions. If you set all the servers to use the same server and database the permissions will be shared across all of them.
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    Oh yeah, there's this too. I use bPerms so I'd forgotten about mysql solutions.
  6. Don't know about buycraft but on enjin you can set the commands to run on multiple servers linked to your enjin account. So when someone purchases a rank it will do the ranking command on all servers.

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