Reached end of stream Spam?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by devsta98, Oct 27, 2012.

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    alright so my server was going good but then all of a sudden the log starts spamming this:

    27.10 11:13:20 [Server] INFO [Server] World saved.
    27.10 11:13:20 [Server] INFO CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    27.10 11:13:20 [Server] INFO CONSOLE: Enabled level saving..
    27.10 11:13:20 [Multicraft] Auto-saving world...
    27.10 11:13:11 [Server] INFO / lost connection
    27.10 11:11:39 [Server] INFO / lost connection
    27.10 11:11:33 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:11:08 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:10:40 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:09:17 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:09:09 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:08:37 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:08:10 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:06:51 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:06:23 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:05:27 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:04:08 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    27.10 11:04:00 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream

    Its wierd though cause everyone can still play fine? anyone know why its doing this? Thanks
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    1.4.2 clients ping your 1.3.2 server = that
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  3. Well explained, my friend.
  4. Someone spamming the refresh button. Now i can't follow what's going on on the server when i'm in the console =/
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    Yea, it just people pinging your server, so every time someone tries to join or hits the 'servers' button and they are 1.4.2 etc then you will get this, nothing to worry about^^
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    Thanks for solving this, I was also getting this spam. I thought something was wrong, but it's good to know that so many people are pinging it!
  7. I have the same problem, thought someone was DDOSing my server. This answer is much less frightening :p
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    thank you so much for the help guys
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    Glad to have been able to help :D

    Plus, there is a DEV build of 1.4.2 out now if you run DEV builds, so you will not get that anymore.. unless someone with a lower version of Minecraft than 1.4.2 tries to join of course, that that's going to be a rare occasion :p
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    I also had this annoying and confusing spam. Although I ran onto a couple other ones I am curious about. I noticed randomly I saw the same messages but 2 of them back to back were:
    • Reached end of streamouble
    • Reached end of streamoublesh
    Are these the same thing?
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    So its just people with different Minecraft version pinging? But why all of them get lost connection and the console freezes and no one can join?

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