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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by yourcace, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Hi i really need help with the residence plugin. I want to set a global flag so that we can build in all world exept 1. Can some 1 help me this is for residence plugin from bekvon plz plz help!
  2. so, you except plugin decopers to know about the resisdence plugin, only bewcause java is the command launge? why not ask it the the oracle (the makers of java) how to do it?
    no, this is not the way it works, its better if you post this at the bukkit help instead of here
  3. I felt like a nice guy this hour so i even went the extra mile of finding the dedicated forum on bukkit dev for that plugin.

    In the future, never ask questions about other plugins in this forum, its only dedicated to developers to talk to each other on how to solve diffrent problems related to developing bukkit plugins.
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    Thx alot i regret im sry :p

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