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    General 2.1 [Salvez] (Requires Build: 66+ & Permissions)
    Download latest for 211+ Jar only.
    Download latest for 180-209 Jar only.
    Download latest release (166-180 only) (2.1 66 - 180 only) (Jar / Source)
    Older: 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3

    Returns some of the working functions from hMod and gives better syntax to them. Also for plugin authors it allows you to utalize /help, scroll down for more information.

    1. First, grab the Permissions plugin if you don't have it already.
      1. Modify your permissions file (plugins/Permissions/config.yml) with the following permissions:
        1. general.items
        2. general.spawn
          1. general.spawn.set
        3. general.teleport
        4. general.time
        5. general.player-info
        • Save.
    2. Download 1.9, Extract it to the main craftbukkit folder.
      1. The /General/ folder should reside under the /plugins/ folder.
    3. Reload server.
    Motd Information:

    Color codes can be found here. Also supports &[ code ] instead of simoleon. Don't place colors on the ends of lines or on single lines, it will break your client. Motd can be edited via General/general.motd

    Functions available in motd:
    • +dname or +d
      • Shows player's display name. Ie: Glonick username.
    • +name or +n
      • Shows player's original name.
    • +location or +l
      • Shows player's location ie: 23x, 45y, 64z
    • +health or +h
      • Shows player's health. ie: 20
    • +balance
      • iConomy balance if installed, otherwise empty.
    • +ip
      • Player's IP Address.
    • +online
      • # of players online.
    1. /afk (message) - Sets your status / afk
    2. /playerlist|online|who - List players online
    3. /playerlist|online|who (player) - Give player information.
    4. /spawn - Return to the spawn
    5. /setspawn - Changes spawn to where you are standing (needs permission)
    6. /time help - For more information (needs permission)
    7. /tp|teleport - For more information (Requires permission)
    8. /tphere (player) - Teleport a player to you.
    9. /i|give [item id|name/nickname] [amount (item id)] (amount)
    10. /help (page)
    Item Giving Example: (Now supports item-names through IncDB!)

    Code (Text):
    1. /i DarkGrave 1 64 - Gives to DarkGrave
    2. /i stone 64 - Gives to you 64 stone.
    3. /i wood:2 - Gives you birchwood.
    4. /i Nijikokun 1 64 - Gives to DarkGrave (My Nickname through Glonick (Won't work if you aren't using Glonick))
    • Version #2.1
      • By verrier
        • Fixed playerlist amount issues
      • By Celtic Minstrel
        • Fixed some issues surrounding items.db
          • Support for multiple names seperated by comma.
          • Name support issues.
    • Version #2.0
      • /item added to /i
      • Fixes by celticminstrel
        • /item now returns correct type/data
        • Asking for 0 of an item gives full stack if applicable
        • Items for tools can now have damage applied using :)(amount))
        • Charcoal is now considered valid. (Coal with :1)
      • Fixes by OniTux
        • Fixed /tphere - incorrect values were being checked.
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    this would be brilliant to help begginners learn how to use commands (like me)
    could i have the scourse code??:D
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    time, spawn, setspawn don't work currently due to server not being accessible.
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    so is this coded in java or something else
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    It's obviously coded in Java due to being a JAR file.
    Also, commands seem to fail with the latest snapshot of Bukkit.
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    well ind
    that makes sence :)
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    Only three of them due to server not being accessible.
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    Why did you try to access the server like that in the first place? I mean no offense and pardon my snooping, but I'm curious. Did a previous version of bukkit support this or is this a port from hMod?
  9. Nice, I'm running a Bukkit server now - looking into adding plugins but its very alien to me at the moment.
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    I've fixed this :]!
    New version has been uploaded & all commands work!
  11. Yep - got our team to compile this a few hours ago - so far it works well. Still getting used to the new commands. I personally hate /list, need more /who
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    Updated again with "/tp" & "/teleport" both do the same thing.
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    Thank you very much!
    May i suggest /warp too ? :D (and /setwarp)
    And perhaps /tphere

    PS: If you need to test them ill give you the ip of my Test server.
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    Added /s [player] or /tphere [player]
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    Oh and /home /sethome, /kit :)
    Forgot about those.
    Please let me know if you need any help. (I can offer mirroring if needed)

    I suggest changing /who to /whois and making /who the same with /playerlits (just my suggestion, and something that me and other users are used to).
    Also it would be awesome if the plugin was modular (later on, i realize now it's not the time for that).

    My test server ip is (only a small test server, with no players on it), it's currently running your plugin.
    Let me know if you need access.
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    Any chance of getting:
    /spawnmob [mobname]​
    /mspawn [mobname]​
    /i - /item [id] (amount)​
    /me [messge]​
    If they are already in the base package of bukkit, I apologize for my ignorance.
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    They aren't in CraftBukkit yet. I second this, would appreciate it :)
    Actually, /ban and /kick would be nice as well :D (if possible with mesasges)
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    Nice work Nijikokun.. I will compile this and bukkit on our test server on S3 and see how it looks. We are excited for the next "phase" of Minecraft mods with Bukkit.
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    New version released. Contains the following:

    /getpos, /compass, /afk, /me, /msg|tell, /motd

    Motd is located in: General/general.motd

    Color Codes instead of using the simoleon use the & symbol for ... ease of use.

    To create a new line simply... make one. Here is's motd:
    Code (Text):
    1. &2Welcome to & :D
    3. &2Admins:
    4.   &2+&f DarkGrave
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    New version uploaded, requires latest craftbukkit build from today.
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    Works, thx.
    Motd is nice ;)

    But why /msg and /tell?
    I like the system of FluxxWhisper: /w [name] [message] /r [replymessage],
    so you have to type the name only one time.
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    It's not meant to copy other plugins. If you read the first post it gives the functionality back to the original hMod commands.
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    Nearly all commands are working, however there are broken aspects of the plugin:
    1. "/time raw" does nothing besides giving you a message saying "Please enter numbers, not letters."
    2. Using a color code in an empty space disables your client from connecting to the server. This may not be in your control, but you should at least give a warning. Also, you may want to link to some color codes. I suggest putting this into your thread:


    Other than what has been listed above, please could give us a customizable option to make all "ops" capable of commands instead of having to enter each and every name.
  24. I believe your meant to enter;
    /time [Number]

    [number] being a number ranging from 1 onwards
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    1. Raw stands for RAW TIME, not the actual word raw, it's been that way since the first hMod and its the exact same function from it.

    2. Remeber from the hey forums where the question "Why does my client crash and here is the line with it telling me that there is a substring error." Tell it to notch, its a color bug, plus there is no reason to put a color on an empty line, just leave it blank.
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    Is there any chance this could be added as part of the core? I dont really see a reason multiple people need to reinvent the wheel with this sort of thing, and it would provide a good base for people wanting to look at a mod and learn how to do it themselves.
  27. It's not the same exact team and they want to do things differently - just enable this mod.
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    According to the thread, it does not say you must input numbers. All it says are "/time night/day (which both work fine without numbers), then raw (which, according to how it is inserted, should also work without numbers). Nijikokun, either change your formatting of the thread or change your plugin code.

    While it may be a bug, there is no reason not to put a warning on your thread; other people may ask why their client won't connect. By the way, did you not see the picture I gave to you? You seem have ignored it (as well as the last sentence). It would be very useful to people who do not know about color codes.
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    Well if the community supports something they don't want, isn't the project community driven?

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