Finding region in WorldGuard???

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Dark Slipstream, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Dark Slipstream

    Using the current player position AND/OR a worldedit selection, how can you list the WorldGuard regions that match those criteria.

    Our server has over 100 regions and many, many users have several with their name in it that are hard to distinguish from their others. Is there any built-in way to determine the current region, without knowing the name of the region to begin with? (The point is to find the name (id) of the region by using a WorldEdit selection and/or player position)
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    There's always the string tool. Right-click a block with string and it will tell you which region(s) that block is in.

    For a more overhead view, (if you have Dynmap installed) you can try the Dynmap-WorldGuard plugin, which will overlay the map with shaded WorldGuard regions.
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    Dark Slipstream

    Thanks for mentioning the string tool, this is more than enough.


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