(Factions) How do I unclaim Safezone and Warzone??

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jt8146, Jul 30, 2013.

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    I'm using the factions plugin and i'm wondering how to unclaim the safezone and warzone as i don't want one anymore?
  2. Do /f unclaim safezone/warzone but make sure you're in admin mode by using /f admin.
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    Is there anyway to do it faster than that?
  4. You can do /f autoclaim wilderness if you wanna claim it back to the wilderness or if you wanna do it for a faction do /f autoclaim <faction>
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    Or you can do /f claim (radius) wilderness ........
  6. Diaz_Ramos You do realize this post was from July 31 2013..He probably already fixed it. Don't bring posts back from the dead man
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    @wowzersam, actually I'm glad he did as I just did a search and this was the answer I needed after looking at 6 or 7 other search results. Much better way than the other answers, regardless if its a year later. its still relevant and good information.

    for what it is worth (not trying to start a flame, this will be my last and only post here) your post was much less relevant and unnecessary, perhaps keep those types of comms in PM, makes you look less like a troll, more respectful, and more professional.

    thanks Diaz_Ramos for the information it solved my issue after accidentally claiming a huge chunk of my map as a safezone.


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