[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    This plugin has really grown to be better than worldedit, the only problem is since its not as promoted, not as many plugins "integrate" themselves.
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    No-physics doesn't work for me... It just shows client-side (others can't see it), and it pops off after a certain amount of time.

    Does it require any additional plugins?
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    Just came here to say how unbelievably awesome your plugin is. It's significantly helped the growth of our server and will continue to do so with more and more updates in the future. Thank-you guys for developing and maintaining such an great plugin. Ease of use, effectiveness, flexibility and power all in one package. Thanks guys!
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    Nice plugin, but no physic don't work for me, i've "This brush doesn't take any extras parameters while i'll type /b s mp like on the wiki, i have last bukkit 1060 and last VoxelSniper revision :/
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    Voxel Box

    This is a core problem with minecraft. The blocks ARE changing but MC doesn't like to show it unless the changed block is right in front of you. We have two workarounds.

    1) Use an update-physics performer rather than a nophysics performer. Instead of ending the performer with "p" end it with "up". This will send the "this block has changed packet" to every sniped block. Be careful as this can be laggy with larger brush sizes. It may not show for everyone, but it will show for you guaranteed.
    2) Use the /vupdate command after the sniping is done. It will update the whole chunk for you. By default, anybody can use /vupdate so you can tell your audience to type the command also.

    As for the popping off after a time, there are a couple things to be careful about:
    1) Sometimes to make no-physics work correctly, you don't use it on the block that pops off but on the block you are trying to attach it to.
    2) Performing normal block changes or snipes nearby will cause minecraft to recheck the physics of your no-physics block.
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    And don't forget that things like flowers and mushrooms update themselves regardless of what you do with them. For some strange reason Notch likes to constantly update them ...
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    Voxel Box

    Works for me. Try updating VoxelSniper again.
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    so.... reallllly reallllly love the plugin... but with the recent command change, it is like being stabbed :(, been using this for sometime, and i am running a creative server, so i use it more then placing blocks manually, but, this change with things like '/b is' being '/b s i' and having the "preformers" and sure, I am sure it is a great system if one was new at the plugin, but maybe if you guys would be as kind to put in a mirror version or a configurable thing to allow the old commands to work seeing as the function still remains the same.

    the old dog new trick thing... i sat here for about 10 mins trying to type /b is to only realize that it was changed... please :(
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    Voxel Box

    Theoretically, we could change the parse order from brush performer to performer brush, but that would likely be an even larger disruption of your muscle memory. Keep in mind that we had a brush in VS4 called "ibr". The "ink" bit was before the "ball" bit and the "replace" was after. So while, /b i s would be more like the old /b is, /b im b would not really be. Additionally, most of our snipers are having no problem making the change once they really understand the MIC system. I would suggest really reading the wiki documentation thoroughly and walking through the examples listed there. If you are just trying to memorize all the performer names, I can see how it would be a lot more confusing.
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    Yea, i am sure the new system is good, and yes I am very used to using the commands that were in place. To me, having /b is meaning 'brush type' then ink snipe, just seems to be easier to understand rather then brushtype snipe ink but then having to change the performer back to materials rather then just hitting /b s adds more to remember.

    Yes i am sure in a short time I will get used to it, and yes the way my head works, i usually do everything from memory, to the point that I know just about all the block IDs without having to look them up, so this change to be is a foundational change and is just a big unexpected change, and was worth at lest asking :(

    Now i have to look forward to explaining the changes to the "litesnipers" i am training... yay lol
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    Uh, when making that giant tree, when adding branches and stuff its like it doesn't see the wooden blocks and when I place the leafs, it places them on the blocks behind the ones im looking at. Is this a known bug?
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    Work with ptm to allow placement of bo2s instead of just your standard trees? (bo2s are custom trees made by users that are placed in the world during generation)
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    Also, how would I go about placing flowing water on top of water? Since water can flow in different directions would I do something like 8.(1-15)?
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    I need some quick help, I was messing around with Voxelsniper, and I used the /b v command, and at first it didnt do anything, so I continued on, then I lagged out of my server (I'm running it) and when I logged back in I was on top of a huge block of the block type I selected a while ago, completely covering my spawn area. I tried to /undo, only to realize that only works for WorldEdit. Is there anyway to undo this?

    EDIT: I tried /u 1 but since I had already logged out of the server it didn't show anything to undo.
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    Tried it, but since I logged out because of lag, it didn't show anything to undo.
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    Undo's are not reset from logging out. Only from flushing the RAM.
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    Voxel Box

    Do You Speak VoxelSniper?
    A new VoxelSniper poster presented by The Voxel Box:

    Find it here!

    Thank you to sedentarygecko for creating this poster.
    Also available is...
    The VoxelSniper Cheat-Sheet!
    A handy guide to the new VoxelSniper:

    Find it here!

    Thank you to AndyBz17 for updating the cheat sheet.
    Do not forget about the...
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    Thank you to Giltwist and Ciscog33k for creating this handy video.
    Do not forget about our wonderful developers przerwap, Gavjenks, Giltwist, DivineRage, and psanker! None of this would be possible without them!
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    I have an issue, it might not be voxel's fault but it's voxel related so...

    I just promoted a new user to admin and added his username to snipers.txt, the name is definitely correct.

    but whenever he tries to do anything nothing happens, and when he types anything such as /v 1 it says something about an example? as if to tell him how to use it... I remember having that issue myself when i set up the server but it was simply because I had forgotten to add myself to snipers.txt and now it works fine for me.

    as near as i can tell he has all the same priviledges as me and the other admin, any ideas why hes getting this "error"?
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    Did ya /reload ?
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    Wheres the REPLACE brush :(?

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    Voxel Box

    Yep, all replace brushes are gone. However, we are using our new performers system, which will let you do replace and more on EVERY brush shape!

    Read all about it on the VoxelWiki: http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper

    Or check out the handy poster, cheat sheet, or video!
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    are you planning to add these big mushrooms to the tree brush, or something like this? i mean in the near future after release of 1.8.
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    Voxel Box

    That's a great suggestion! Hopefully our developers can find new and exciting uses for VoxelSniper in 1.8, once they are able to test it!
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    Why make it so complicated?
    Can't you just re-add the "/b br" brush? It makes my terraforming life so much easier...!
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    It's actually much simpler now. At least from a programmer's perspective...
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    But there's more commands to use, and to remember...
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    Voxel Box

    More commands means you can do more things! Not only can you ball replace ( /b b mm ) but also you can line replace ( /b l mm ) or ball replace a specific color of wool instead of all wool ( /b b mc).
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    There aren't any more commands than there was before.

    All you need to remember is that:
    'm' stands for material ( /v )
    'i' stands for ink ( /vi )
    'c' stands for combo ( /v & /vi )

    The performer syntax is simply:
    /b [performer-compliant-brush] [ (what you want to place) (what you want to re-place) ]

    So, for example:

    /b triangle mc

    The ' / b ' you obviously know
    The ' triangle ' is the 3-point triangle drawing brush. Takes 3 points in 3D space (any 3 points) and draws a triangle
    The ' mc ' is a combination [set][replace] which says that you are [setting] what your ' /v ' is and that you are re-placing blocks that are of you ' /vr ' and your ' /vir ' (ink-replace)

    So basically this triangle brush with the 'mc' performer combination allows you to, say, change Torches that are facing West to glowstone blocks.
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    Hi, I've been trying out this plugin for a couple days now, and it really is quite powerful! It can be like using a .45 Magnum to carve a baby Jesus in a match-head... With that said, it also allows for the utmost precision when used properly.
    My only (seriously, only) desire for it though, is Permissions support. My setup currently has a main world (which is survival mode), and I do not want to allow terraforming/etc. on that world. Not even my own (and holy crap, for whatever reason, I keep finding arrows in my active item slot and I keep right clicking with them... even after I use /d and it just replaces a block with air, it's still annoying because I can't undo it).
    So, on to the question.

    What license is VoxelSniper released under, and is it possible to get a copy of the source code. I'd have no problems returning the work to you guys (or the community, if that's what you'd rather).


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