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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Nijikokun, Jan 3, 2011.

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    how to get money than no shop lol
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    I just installed iConomy 2.1 but I am already using General 1.7 when using /help I get the help from iConomy instead of the help from General.

    CraftBukkit #81
  4. Sorry Niji, I get a "Fail at null/null/null(null)!" in the console/terminal. Cause of iConomy.
    I've checked all of my plugins and I tracked it down to iConomy.

    Sorry, I don't know what triggers it, or what it is. I cant help you much, but I can tell you something is wrong.
    The error is harmless and doesn't effect my server visually and it still works as normal. But it might cause some performance problems or freezing and at times it spams my console/terminal to much. :)

    I haven't tried the new version (I got the second most recent iConomy), but since nothing about a null error was stated in the changelog, I guess you haven't fixed it in the newer versions as well. And I think I use Craftbukkit build #50 or 51. I don't know where to check. But I believe that is right.

    I'll update everything later, but not all the plugins I want got the support yet. And I don't want to break them :p
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  6. Thank's I'll try, but this is tracked to the plugin not the core. I'll still update it eventually. But if it is the plugin, I believe updating the core wont automatically fix a small code error in a plugin :)
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    i have had lots of plugin errors fixed vy updating the craftbukkit...and lots broken.. craft bukkit 79 for example allows creeper nerf to work but breaks minecraftmania

    i cant guarentie it will fix it but its worth a try just mirror your server to a new folder then update craft bukkit, change the port number run it and join it...test the plugins you use to check it works ...simples
  8. I'm currently in the testing stage, I got moderators but they know when they can log in or not. Also I put each old version of bukkit in a seperate folder for each update, I run some tests on each plugin and if I stumble upon any errors, I'll fix it myself or revert bukkit :p
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    in these uncertain days it seems the only way to go! i must confess my home pc has about 5 different folders (1 of which is hmod...thats not a tear in my mine is flooding OK!) then on the server pc we have a back up zip of the last 3 working configurations and numerous world back ups!

    im looking fwd to when bukkit reaches the Stable and beta stage
    though build 66 seems stable at mo.
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    It looks like my problem was the generation of the file. It recreated the file after adding iconomy, adding a line for the /money command. When it did that my other help entries were deleted.
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    when can we expect shops? even on a large server you cant expect to be able to buy, or even sell with another player all the time. a shop is a must have option, i will test transactions and such until shops, sign shops and trades are online. thanks for the great plugin and I await its first full version with great anticipation.
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    Does anyone have a good way to come up with values for items?

    I have a small server, around 10 players, and since the shop function isn't there yet I was just going to do it "manually". They give me the items and I get them credits or the other way around. Now I don't know what values to assign for the items.

    I was thinking of an admin "stock". By keeping track of the amount of items players give me in a Google Doc I can come of with the percentage of each item I own and thus the rarity. It would need to be broken in, just because I only have one stick doesn't mean sticks are all that rare. The high sell price should encourage players to give me sticks which will lower the price until it's no longer worth it.

    Now I need a formula or some sort :p
    It would have to take into account the total amount of credits on the server or average players credits or something to come with a value I think.
  13. Yeaaaaa, I think you should save yourself the math and wait until shops are implemented lmao
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    I really like where you are going with this, shoot me a pm or something, I will try to help you out. Maybe we can create a formula that Nijikokun can use.
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    That would be lots easier than google docs :p

    I just don't like the idea of assigning arbitrary values to items. Especially with credits over time spent logged in. You would have to update it all the time as inflation went up.

    Unfortunately I'm not a economics major :( I really have no clue what the actual math would be. I just figured it would need to be related to the rarity of the item and the amount credits on the server to handle inflation.
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    Is there a way to make a system such as..
    100 stone = 1 iron
    50 iron = 1 gold
    25 gold = 1 diamond

    Of course this would inflate the price of diamond quite significantly, any variable can be added to change equivalents.

    Also, is there a help/readme/go-to place for more information? I'm pretty much scratching my head at this point at what little information about this plugin I was able to scrounge up along-side the properties file. What commands can/cannot be used. How does the money system work, ect. ect.
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    It's just the core. Anyone can tap into its raw essence and make something amazing with it.
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    wish more plugins would use this
    currently we have players earning "chicken lips"as a reward for online time but no way for them to spend them
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    Hi Nijikokun, just curious how far away you are from a release of the iShop plugin for iConomy. I've reworked my set of custom values for use with the plugin and will publish once its usable in Bukkit. Great work on this!
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    Jassin Pain

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    any news on shops? theres a plugin that uses signs to give you stuff maybe you could talk to the creator about intergrating iconomy to it? would be an instant shop
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    iConomy is never going to be a shop mod. It is strictly a money only plugin for other plugins to hook into and utalize.
  23. Are you or do you have plans to work on a plugin/s for the stuff that used to part of iConomy , Shops, Auctions etc
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    I already have shops done, and I'm working on sign shops. I don't know if I'm going to release any of my plugins. I already have 4 that aren't on these forums.
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    can i ask why you wont release them? they would be greatly appreciated
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    Something that happened with a few community members that I didn't feel was right. Its a personal reason. I won't delve into it.
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    ok, thats a shame a few bad eggs seem to have spoilt it for all. Sadly any attempt by me to program java stuff ends in massive failure so i feel a bit leech like but i really have to relay on the kindness of the plugin creators.
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    You should release them. Just ask the forum moderators to ban whichever community members pissed you off.

    Your mods rock, and I was really looking forward to setting up shops and sign shops again. Honestly, I don't know how much people will use the mod otherwise, and it will depend on if other mod authors create their own full version economy plugins for bukkit or build off of yours.

    We were going to try the supply/demand method to see how it worked after having tried the static set prices method.

    I hope you continue working on the shops and release them for us to use. It would be greatly appriciated. :)
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    heh, sad to hear a few ruin it for the masses. Was so looking forward to shops, and all the other things iConomy use to have. Hopefully you change your mind, otherwise i guess my server needs a either a new economy base or need to change the entire structure of my server, as do many others.
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    Nijiko.. I may have given you some crap in the past but your renewed vigor and contribution to the bukkit project has been great. I know that I couldn't take the abuse that mod writers take while doing this all for free on their own dime. Keep up the good work, the community appreciates it, even if they don't realize it all the time.
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    I normally just lurk these forums, I am a quite sad that Nijikokun isn't going to be making shops available for the public - it was most likely my favorite mod...and my server depended rather heavily on it. Thanks for the base though Niji.

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