Disconnected by server, Illegal characters in chat!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by paragonx9, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Hello everybody! I recently posted a thread about not being able to put mods in Bukkit.. Never mind that, I fixed it.. Turns out I needed another version of Bukkit (older). Now, the problem is, that every time that I type in something in chat, or spawn an item with toomanyitems, I get Disconnected by server, Illegal characters in chat. I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, delete the .jar file and download another one again. I already did that, but when I installed ModloaderMP I got a bunch of JAVA errors. So I'm stuck with this one. If possible, if you do NOT receive this error and have ModloaderMP installed with Buildcraft, please post it here.. Thanks!

    *Note: I have posted my Bukkit folder just in case its a configuration or if you just want like to experiment or whatnot..
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    Illegal chat characters = Non Alphanumeric and not most keyboard symbols. For example: ¥∩⌠║↕☺⌐«░≈♂○▲►┌☼♫ will all return "Illegal characters in chat".
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    That doesn't help..
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    Never mind! I fixed it! I just deleted everything except the .jar and .bat file. Now it's working properly.

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