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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Premm, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Is there a way to check if a block will open a GUI in the bukkit API?
    Something like event.getClickedBlock().hasGUI()? By GUI I just mean blocks like chests, furnaces, dispensers, anvils, etc. If there isnt that's fine, ill just find each block individually and add them into my code one at a time, but it might be something that's definitely worth adding to the API if its not in there already.
  2. Just make your own method which contains each block that has a gui. I really don't see any use for this, since you can just check to see if a certain block is clicked.
  3. I guess it would be shorter than
    if (block = Material.Chest || block = Material Dispenser.....
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    I just thought if there was a way to check if a GUI opens itself, rather than just list a bunch of blocks that have a GUI, then it would have more uses than just checking to see if someone clicked on a block. I'm not quite sure if mods created using the craftbukkit source code share the same API, but if so then any new blocks created that open up GUI's would still work. I guess the main benefit is that it just wouldn't need modifying over time, as new blocks get added with new GUI's. I guess they are very infrequent though, and updating a bit of code to add a line in for a new block that gets created isn't troublesome. I was just curious. Thanks
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