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    i want to ask what is bukkitdev , (someone explain in short) and is it better than normal bukkit?
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    BukkitDev is simply a Curse-powered interface that the Bukkit team and plugin developers use as a plugin repository. The Bukkit staff has said from the beginning that they were not going to stick with the 'forum' format for the plugins, as it's quite difficult to manage support requests, issues, updates, multiple people working on the same plugin, etc. BukkitDev provides each plugin with its own ticketing system, file repository (for previous versions of the same plugin), plugin-specific forum, etc. Most plugins that have been moved to BukkitDev have a link in the forums top-post to the BukkitDev entry for that plugin.

    For example, here is the BukkitDev link to WorldEdit:

    And here's the Bukkit Forum link to WorldEdit:
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    so plugins changed or not? this is just new plugin's pages ?

    + i saw more features in craftbook if u use bukkitdev , so it's new better client?

    +old plugins works on bukkitdev?

    +now i'm total confused...
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    BukkitDev is just a repository. It has nothing to do with the server software or how plugins run on the server. They're just in the process of moving plugin submissions to BukkitDev because it's a much better for showcasing plugins than a forum is. You can download the same plugin from this site that you can download from BukkitDev (until they delete all the plugin posts on this site).

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