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  1. Overview of the plugin

    I want a plugin that automates mini games in my server, i need complex ones and simple ones. I need a hungergames server that can operate on one server that players can go in and out of it (from main world to hunger games and back available to buy kits and access other free kits, similair to bukkit games and meepcraft hungergames), infection, zombie vs survivors (main zombie kills and infects the other players, if a zombie dies it get kicked from the game and back to main world, i need a spleef, a parkour, a capture the flag(contact me for details), a team death match, a last man standing, search and destroy, kit pvp, a quest provider like in skyrim kinda, grief protection, zombie survival ( like in COD black ops), saxton hale (like in team fortress 2, one player has a lot of health and the other players have to kill him, if a player dies you go back to the main world and same with saxton hale, there is a new hale each round and 4 rounds per game), also ghost craft.


    When you die in each of the mini games it takes you back to my main world's spawn. If you need more info about a minigame contact me on skype or something or just look it up on youtube. Thanks so much
  2. this contains no information into making a plugin. Please refer your topic to Plugin Requests.

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