[ADMN/SEC/WEB] MCBans v4.3.1 Kick/Ban/Global Ban System/ New UUID Support [1.2.5-1.7.5/1.7.8+]

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  1. MCBans v4.3.2
    Customizable Centralized Shared Banning

    Permissions and commands + 4.3.2 download here

    Main Site

    Support Site

    Source Code

    Found on the plugin download page on the site.

    MCBans Team Listing
    Team list

    User Registration Step
    • Register an account at http://mcbans.com
    • You should get a 8 character string
    • Go into auth.mcbans.com minecraft server
    • /verify <8 char string>
    • Refresh the page
    • Click register server, proceed to step two
    Server Registration
    Installing the plugin
    Ways to setup your server:

    Default - no changes to any configuration files. This means you do not need to change a thing in the myserver.mcbans.com dashboard.​

    Server Network Mode - This will make your server only accept bans from specific servers. Isolated from the rest of the system. Settings page on your myserver.mcbans.com dashboard.​

    Group Shares - share bans by joining a group of servers. The groups can share specific bans ( temp bans, global bans, local bans ) according to the groups settings. A group can be Public or request to join.​

    Ignore Servers - You can ignore all bans coming from specific servers.​

    Server Lockdown - whitelist your server​

    Exclusions - ignore bans on a player or bans for specific reasons.​

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    :D *highfive*
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    Such a great plugin :D
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    Great plugin!

    I think... :p
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    Huzzah Loved this plugin
    just a thought on bans and their power over each other is it like this.
    Owner > Local Bans > Bans exception > Global Bans

    Also I would like it to be possible to have almost a list as of such of all the totally banned people with no rep left to be placed into a mysql database so if the MCBans goes down it then runs off that and also any new bans added to the ban list are re synced upon recovery of the site.
  7. this is planned as storing bans locally
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    Could you please tell me how to use this plugin with Bukkit ? :)
    I am using the craftbukkit snapshot 1 on my test server, and i would like to test it :p
  9. just signup on http://mcbans.com and follow the setup steps
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    Aww man I was going to make this XP! Haha Good job.

    If you need programming help hit me up :)
  11. this has been around for a month....
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    lol I died :p
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    Nice to see!! ;)
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    Don't work with the actual version of bukkit.
  15. bukkit is constantly changing, as will my plugins code.
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    Thanks! I am happy to see this plugin come over!
  17. Great! Thanks for the port firestar!
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    I tried this plugin with hey133 on my server and the second it loaded, it crashed the server and made everybody dc.

    Has this been fixed?
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    I don't see a use for this plugin. Each server has different rules and I want everyone to be personally judged by me, not by other people (especially people who ban for unnecessary reasons). Also, if everyone were to use this plugin, if they were banned off of one server they would be banned off of all of them.

    If you really see a reason to continue, a ban-management plugin (one that, at a command, list all those banned and possible even adds temporary banning) would be a much better one than this.
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    Players all get 10 rep and every time they get banned they lose the amount of rep the server has 1-2 depending on previous record with the server being removed with too many false positives.
    If a player hits 0 rep they are banned globally unless they are on the server exception list or they appeal a ban and the owner does not provide evidence to back up their ban.
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    Super Plugin..... If a banned user connects @ my Server, MCB says something like "Banned on yx, reason:***", then I know that I have to look at this player for a while, and/or I set him on my BB watchlist.

    If a user with 3, 4, 5 bans connect, I have to pay him more attention, and he's longer on my watchlist.

    It's great, that I can look for the Ban-reason(s) on MCB.
  22. have you reported this as a bug, i have not heard of a single server that has crashed due to mcbans. As it is not a bug/ issue and has not been reported, it wouldn't have been fixed, would it?
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    I posted about this on other threads I thought you had access to; I dint get an exception when it happens, it just locks up the server and people disconnect.
  24. latest build for hmod should not have any issues.
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    It runs. Big thanks.
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    We need you Firestar ;)
    (sry 4 doublepost)
  28. mcbans updated, you'll find the configuration in "plugins/mcbans/settings.txt" (this will change in a later update)
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    Didn't work sice ~#40 (now #50)
  30. Updated for latest bukkit.

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