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    Version: v2.7

    This plugin allows only people on your whitelist to join the server.

    • Simple and easy to use
    • Whitelist is automatically reloaded when changed outsite of minecraft (e.g. with a texteditor)
    • Whitelist supports console commands
    • SQL support
    • Support for every SQL database, that has a JDBC implementation available
    • User-defined table and database layouts supported
    Download Whitelist
    Source Code

    Version 2.7
    • Fixed SQL injections with malformed player names (thanks to Uroz for reporting!)
    Version 2.6
    • Fixed null ptr exception introduced with 2.5
    Version 2.5
    • (Possible) fix for some SQL related errors
    Version 2.4
    • Improved SQL connector handling with new settings directive
    Version 2.3
    • Fixed an unhandled exception (thx to Puremin0rez for reporting!)
    Version 2.2
    • Removed TSLPC
    • Support for build #415
    Version 2.1
    • Add/Remove commands are working in SQL mode now
    Version 2.0
    • Added SQL support
    • Minor fixes
    Version 1.9
    • Support for build #287
    Version 1.8
    • Fixed fix for non working permissions.
    Version 1.7
    • Fixed non working permissions (thanks to Kainzo for reporting!)
    Version 1.6
    • Support for Bukkit #186 (also confirmed to work with #230)
    Version 1.5
    • Fixed a null pointer error.
    • Add permissions, once implemented in Bukkit
    Installation / configuration:
    Copy Whitelist.jar in your plugins folder and start your server. The plugin will create new configuration files in plugins\whitelist.
    In plugins\ you can set the following options:
    • kick-message - The message that will be displayed, when a player is kicked from the server because he is not on the whitelist
    • disable-list-command - Disables the /whitelist list command.
    • whitelist-admins - A comma separated list of players, who are allowed to modify the whitelist ingame.
    These commands can be used by Ops ingame or in the server console. When used with the server console don't type '/' before the command.
    • /whitelist help - Shows the help ;-)
    • /whitelist reload - Reloads the whitelist and it's settings
    • /whitelist add [playername] - Adds a player to the whitelist)
    • /whitelist remove [playername] - Removes a player from the whitelist)
    • /whitelist on|off - Activates/deactivates the whitelist
    • /whitelist list - Lists all whitelisted players
    SQL configuration:
    To support as many different database configurations as possible, Whitelist sets flexibility over simplicity.
    This way virtually every existing database can be used as a base for authentification.

    For the following example I will assume you are using a MySQL Database with the following configuration:
    • Username: root
    • Passwort: fun
    • Database name: Bukkit
    • Table name: tbl_names with one column named "name"
    Because we are using MySQL, we need the MySQL Connector/J. It can be found here.

    Now that we have the connector up and running, it is time to configure Whitelist. This is done in plugins\
    1) Activate SQL mode
    2) Set the correct JDBC driver. Because we are using MySQL in our example we choose:
    3) Set the connection string. It depends on the database system and layout used.
    In our example it is jdbc:mysql://localhost/Bukkit?user=root&password=fun.
    Because we have to escape some characters in *.propertie files, we add:
    4)We have to specify a query, that will be executed on the given database. If the query's result has at least one element, the user is allowed to access the server. There is a placeholder that will be replaced with the name of the person that is trying to join: <%USERNAME%>.
    We add:
    sql-query=SELECT name FROM tbl_names WHERE name\='<%USERNAME%>'
    5)Optional: If /whitelist add should be available in SQL mode, we have to specify a query for it:
    sql-query-add=INSERT INTO tbl_users (Id, Name, Waa, Naaa) VALUES (NULL, '<%USERNAME%>', '1', '2')
    6)Optional: If /whitelist remove should be available in SQL mode, we have to specify a query for it:
    sql-query-remove=DELETE FROM tbl_users WHERE Name\='<%USERNAME%>'

    Help, I get a 'class not found error'
    Put the following line in your file: sql-driver-jar={path to the connector}
    The base path is the directory your craftbukkit.jar is placed in, so if you have named the connector "mysql-connector.jar" and placed it in the same directory as craftbukkit.jar you would add

    I need more informations!
    There is a very nice written guide by MrDylan (thx!) on using Whitelist and MySQL with SMF boards, get it here.
    Thats all!
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    Will test this when I'm back home! This is great, been refreshing this page until this. Hope all is well!
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    Currently using Emergancy Whitelist, but will look into this soon...
  4. Confirmed. Thanks for the fast plugin creation!
    Works fine!
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    One quick question before I set this up, are the names case sensitive?
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    Nope, the names are case insensitive, but I want to include a setting for that in the next version
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    How come I can't reload it or enable it?

    EDIT : Also restarted server.
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    Works mint!
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    It's also not creating any properties file.

    I put .jar into the plugins folder.
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    The Whitelist folder is in the plugins folder. Don't move the folder out or it won't work.

    EDIT: You need to run the server once to generate the folder/property files. FYI.
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    I put Whitelist.jar in properties folder and then I restarted the server. What do you mean by run the server once?
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    start it and then stop it.
    the properties-file is in path_to_your_server/plugins/Whitelist.

    And i'm here to confirm it's running on build #24
    Thanks so much!
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    LOVE this plugin! Now I can prevent griefers from coming in :) I miss having groups!
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    Not working for me :/
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    Amen to that... hopefully the whole groups thing aint too far away.... Either the plugin or the full Bukkit release :p

    Love the editable kick message too!!

    Lovin Bukkit right now....
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    Nevermind, this works great!
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    Works for me! Thanks a lot, this is very helpful. I was hoping to start with something like this to learn how to make bukkit plugins - checking out the source for how you made this would probably be a nice example to learn from.
  18. Can we have a whitelist on / off toggle?
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    /whitelist list ( feedback a list of allowed players )

    would be nice :)
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    THANK GOD, emerg"a"ncy whitelist fucking sucked ass.
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    There's really no reason to be a douche. Someone tried, someone else made something better. No reason to kick the first person.
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    Why isn't it working? I have the .jar in my plugins folder. I started the server and got this error:

    Jan 15, 2011 3:44:36 PM org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager loadPlugins
    SEVERE: Could not load plugins\Whitelist.jar in plugins: null
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(SimplePluginManager.
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(SimplePluginManager
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.c(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(
    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: com.bukkit.silence.whitelist.Whiteli
    st.<init>(org.bukkit.plugin.PluginLoader, org.bukkit.Server, org.bukkit.plugin.P
    luginDescriptionFile,, java.lang.ClassLoader)
    at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.getConstructor(Unknown Source)
    ... 8 more
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    thanks hun
    --- merged: Jan 15, 2011 9:52 PM ---
    I downloaded that link and renamed it craftbukkit.jar

    now when i start start.bat it doesn't work
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    dont rename it - your start.bat wont work
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    when i update to build 37 like you said all my plugins broke and the whitelist wont activate meaning players can get in withour being whitelisted
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    It is not working for the new bukkit patch. I took myself off the whitelist, and I can still join.
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    I'm not sure but i think it's not working for me it says whitelist version 1.0 enabled but if i whant to add some one to it
    whount add him to the list

    edit: I just saw it right know that none of the plugins are responding with build 37
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    Can we have the java source ?

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